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                             Press announcement
                     Wietse Venema receives NLUUG award
   The board of the Netherlands Unix User Group NLUUG proudly announces
   that it has decided to award the NLUUG award 2000 to the well known
   Dutch IT-guru Wietse Venema.
   Wietse Venema receives this award as a token of appreciation for his
   many contributions to the community of Unix and open systems. Wietse's
   best known work has been targeted at improving the security of Unix
   systems in an internet environment. Amongst other things, he is the
   co-author of the security analysis tool "Satan". He is also the main
   author of "Postfix", a replacement for the notorious (security-wise)
   "Sendmail" program. His most recent work encompasses a toolkit for
   analyzing system status after an intrusion.
   The award has been presented at the twice yearly NLUUG conference on
   9th November 2000 in Ede, the Netherlands.
   The NLUUG award is presented by the NLUUG to individuals or
   organizations who have significantly contributed to the usability or
   security of Unix and related open systems.
   The NLUUG is the association of professional Unix users in the 
   Netherlands. The primary goal of the NLUUG is to further the 
   application of, and knowledge about, Unix and related open systems. For 
   more information about the NLUUG, please contact either the NLUUG 
   bureau, or the association's spokesperson, Jos Visser (josv@nluug.nl).